Thirty creations
for thirty days

Thirty for Thirty

Throughout the month of April, let’s create one thing a day, each day, for 30 days. Just one thing a day. It can be anything you like!

What is Thirty for Thirty?

Thirty for Thirty is designed to encourage our creativity. For the 30 days of April it inspires us to explore our gifts and talents, and challenges us to create just one thing a day.

What would you like to do?

Do you draw or sketch? Why not draw one new picture every day. Can you knit? How about knitting something new each day for thirty days. What about wood or metal work...? Have you always wanted to experiment with water-colour paints? Now’s the time! Here is a perfect time and place for you to explore, experiment and try something new!

There are no rules

Aim and encourage yourself to create one thing each day, but there’s no pressure. If you accidentally miss a day, no worries! Try again the following day.

By the end of April...

At the end of April you will have a mosaic of 30 creations. You could frame them, put a book together, sell them, or gift them to loved ones. As well as 30 individual creations, you’ll finish the month with such a sense of accomplishment, peace of mind and perhaps even some new skills.

Share your work

Share your works-in-progress and your creations on our Facebook page, the 'Thirty For Thirty' Facebook group and our Instagram page. And don’t forget to include the following hashtags: #ThirtyForThirty #CreateThirtyForThirty #ThirtyCreationsForThirtyDays #ThirtyForThirtyCrew